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Submitted by liamod on Thu, 2006-12-21 09:29.

Gavin Sherry is Australia's leading PostgreSQL expert, and a prominent PostgreSQL community member.

Gavin recently gave an enlightening tech talk on the internals of PostgreSQL, in which he discussed functionality such as Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) in great detail, and explored various other issues which may be of relevance to PostgreSQL DBAs everywhere.

We're pleased to provide the first video in this four part series to the community in order to disseminate Gavin's knowledge to all those interested.

The video can be viewed here.

video quality suggestion

That presentation was right up my alley. I've watched about half of it so far, before work commitments caused me to pause it, and will watch the rest tonight some time.  Gavin looks like a very interesting person to talk to.

Regarding the video on Google - they highly compress uploaded video these days (ie more than they used to a year ago) and so most of the slides are unreadable for the talk.

I am still in favor of having the video on Google because it is a good syndication area (ie people searching for video), however I would suggest looking at these:

  • - users need to say yes to a plugin. Quality is excellent - potentially DVD quality if you want to be really high bandwidth.
  • - they let the video remain in the form you uploaded it as well has have it play in flash. (they are trying to buy into the market - hence their feature set is pretty good)

While I think of it, youtube is good for more coverage, though quality is on par with Google itself. (this has been the case since before Google bought it)