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The PostgreSQL database is an immensely successful open source product. Established pedigree and proven reliability make it the ideal platform on which to build an enterprise-ready database system.

Fujitsu has forged a strong relationship with the open source community to further the promotion and adoption of PostgreSQL and has directly contributed to PostgreSQL by sponsoring a number of key database features designed to enhance its enterprise-readiness.

By providing a wide range of enterprise-level support and professional services centered around PostgreSQL, Fujitsu is commited to facilitating corporate acceptance of PostgreSQL, and open source in general.

We encourage you to look around the site, participate in our forums, subscribe to our blog, attend one of our events, or get in touch with any enquiries you may have.

> High Availability and Disaster Recovery Business Solutions
Let the FSP team show you how PostgreSQL can support your business every hour of every day, forever.
> SME Services: Health Check (Tune-up), Bench Check, The Upgrade and Ops Review
New and exciting extensions of our support services.
Systems Integration
> "The business case for PostgreSQL" initiative
Laying out the business advantages of PostgreSQL.
> Video: Advanced PostgreSQL Talk
Gavin Sherry, a prominent PostgreSQL community member, gives a detailed talk on PostgreSQL internals.